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'Jon & Kate': Forget about the cheating chatter, let's talk about Kate's hair!

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Kategosselinhair_lI am looking forward to tuning into the fifth season of Jon & Kate Plus 8, and not just because of the serious ‘splaining that Jon has to do about his late-night whereabouts. Sometime between seasons 3 and 4, the amount of product that Kate used on her head became commensurate with the amount of put-downs she lobbed at Jon (which is…a lot). I speak about her spike! Nested not-so-obscurely on the crown of her skull, Kate’s “attitude” (that’s what she calls it) is a specially coiffed tuft of hair that’s generating lots of attention — depending on who you ask, that is. Kate told EW that “everybody wants it” and that “it’s work. I have very, very thick hair, so it’s not going to work foreverybody. I’ve seen people…with thin hair and itjust won’t work. My hair stylist gets calls from all across the country.”

Clearly, a call like that didn’t come from this commenter, named Gina, on EW.com: “Kate’s hair is just awful!!! I don’t understand how that’s something a lotof people want. You’d think a mother of 8 would want low maintenance hair, notsomething that has to be styled perfectly every morning. I saw someone in personrecently who had that hair and it is not attractive. Even my boyfriend turnedto me when we left the restaurant and said ‘Why would anyone want the Katehairdo?'” Somewhere, the Pennsylvania mom of eight has to be smiling. Polarizing or not, her frosted half-wedge/half-spiked ‘do has become Kate’s signature style — right in line with the Jennifer Aniston’s Friends cut and the Dorothy Hamill pageboy. Apparently, this doesn’t sit well with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who sent the following Tweet on Thursday: “Dear Kate Gosselin, you weren’t the first to rock that haircut, bitch!” Touchy!

What do you think about her hair? Does it make Kate a more compelling TV character than she already is?

addCredit(“Michael Kovac/FilmMagic.com”)