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Judging albums by their covers

We evaluate three new CDs from Mumiy Troll, CKY, and Faryl Smith based solely on their cover art

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Who says you have to actually hear albums to review them? We evaluate three discs based solely on their cover art — then give a listen to see how accurate our opinions turned out to be.

Mumiy Troll, Comrade Ambassador
Before Hearing: Russian superhero circus rock, with tigers. And mummies. And maybe trolls?
After Hearing: Pretty spot-on, if the heroes and tigers are drunk, and the circus is actually a nightclub run by evil gypsies in 1987.

CKY, Carver City
Before Hearing: Lock up the kids! CKY are here to steal your very soul!
After Hearing: Strangely melodic, with interesting production for nü-metal. The cover is way scarier than the music. Unless you’re afraid of nü-metal.

Faryl Smith, Faryl
Before Hearing: A free-spirited 12-year-old who sings about ponies and flowers?
After Hearing: She’s a 13-year-old Britain’s Got Talent vet whose voice gets drowned out by arrangements better suited to someone four times her age.