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Dominic West of 'The Wire' to direct an episode of David Simon's new HBO series

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Dominic West is planning on reuniting with David Simon, creator of The Wire. West, who played the incorrigible Baltimore po-lice Jimmy McNulty on the late, great HBO series, says he is likely to direct an episode of Simon’s new series, Treme, about post-Katrina New Orleans. “I directed [an episode] of The Wire, and [David] said to me right after, ‘Yeah, I’ll employ you again,'” says West, who’s currently in the U.K. shooting the BBC drama Breaking the Mould. “So when I read the pilot

for Treme, I wrote to him and I said, ‘Look, you’ve got to let me have a

go on it.’ And he said he would. I don’t know when they’ll get me in, but I can’t wait. It’s a really good show. I’ve read the pilot. I haven’t seen it yet, but…I think it’ll be even better than The Wire, actually.” Though the two men are on different continents at the moment, West is optimistic they’ll work out their schedules. Laughing, he explains: “I see [David] fairly regularly. He seems to be over in this country quite a lot these days, being feted and given hero’s welcome.” (Reporting by Simon Vozick-Levinson)