Mandi Bierly
May 15, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Last Friday, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band played the Bryce Jordan Center in State College, PA. I was there. The highlight of the night was when Springsteen spotted a young girl in the audience singing along to “Waitin’ on a Sunny Day.” He knelt in front of her, then eventually invited her onstage and passed her the mic.

You can see in the video embedded below that the crowd went apes— and that the girl, 10-year-old Elisabeth Ketterman, held it together better than any of us would’ve. (You can’t really hear her voice with all the adults singing around the camera, but it was sweet and on-key.) It was such an uplifting moment, the kind that might still surprise Springsteen after all these years and, as cheesy as it sounds, remind us that the children are our future and that their music taste won’t totally suck. My sister and her husband literally cried as we watched from the 200 level. (It was the first evening they weren’t home to put my five-month-old niece to bed, so I forgave them — after I made sure that the two friends with us saw that they were sobbing and mocked them appropriately.)

Elisabeth told the local paper, The Centre Daily Times, that she’d asked her mother before the concert if there was any chance she could get up on stage with Springsteen. (She’s been a fan since she was in the womb, or at least that’s what her sign said when the Boss held it up earlier to the crowd of roughly 20,000.) “And she said, ‘Nah, one in a million,'” Elisabeth said. “And then Idid.” Makes you wish you were 10 again, when being a superfan wasn’t a possible precursor to arrest. Anyone have an insanely lucky concert experience like that from their childhood to share?

P.S. I just emailed my sister the link to video and got this response: “Crying again!”

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