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'Reno 911' incident: So that's why Trudy turned out all wrong

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My priorities went haywire last night and I somehow ended up watching all of Reno 911 before even beginning my recording of Lost. The sketch show had undergone it’s own time shift: We got to watch bootleg VHS tapes of the gang in the late ’80s (when TV used to be so much better). I loved the two big back story reveals at the end: Thanks to an INCIDENT, we learned how Dangle decided he would be the one to wear short shorts and how Trudy Wiegel was able to transform from a hot, leggy, legitimately cool human being into — as Junior so eloquently put it — “as if Marilyn Monroe had woken up from those sleeping pills and started dribblin’ and fartin’ all around.” Turns out she’d been dead for about 14 minutes after The Incident on November 10, 1988 and according to doctors, said Dangle, “We should’ve let her go.” Hilarity! You can watch the first clip of the ’80s crew below. (Inconsistency alert: Junior should be wearing his vest on the outside — didn’t he once claim to have been doing that throughout his entire career?)

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Anyone else loving Reno this season?