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Bring the concert to your computer -- for free

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Icon_thesaver_12Movies, music, books, TV — the cost of keeping oneself entertained can add up, especially heading into blockbuster-heavy months of the summer. Fear not! We’ve got your budget covered. Check back every day this week for more posts on how to find the best in cheap — and free! — options.

Much like Deadheads once traded concert tapes with hushed reverence, Live Music Archive offers a wide array of peer-to-peer bootlegs for absolutely free — and legal! — download. Though the Dead are indeed on here, as well as dozens of next-gen jam bands, LMA’s music library stretches to include nearly 3500 artists: everyone from indie obesseions Animal Collective to alt-rock hereos the Smaishing Pumpkins and acoustic icon Jack Johnson. (Archived sets date back decads and to just last night.) Plus, helpful headings steer fans toward their favorites — and all the other good stuff they’ve yet to discover.