Mandi Bierly
May 13, 2009 AT 07:04 PM EDT

First things first: I’m a fan of goofy Tony and his plethora of pop culture references, but when he slid into that seat opposite Michael Rivkin last night — after translating Ziva’s phone conversation with him to track them to a restaurant, then calling her back to the office to get her to leave their table — it was the first time I ever remember chanting “Ton-y! To-ny! To-ny!” It’s nice to be reminded every once in a while why he’s the senior field agent. And, of course, how good he looks in a suit.

That final scene of Tony and Rivkin in Ziva’s apartment, embedded below, practically made me wet myself. Pretty sure the post-commercial teaser shot of Tony on the ground, weapon drawn, was the best one ever. You didn’t want it to be Tony, and yet you totally wanted it to be Tony. Him killing Rivkin must have been that “almost unforgivable” thing Cote de Pablo told us Tony would do to Ziva…From the trailer for next week’s season finale, embedded after the jump, we know she wasn’t lying when she said that Ziva holds a gun to Tony. My heartrate just picked up thinking about it — that’s good TV.

Now we can address the question in the headline and in the season finale promo: Who’s not coming back from the trip to Israel? We’re supposed to think it’s Ziva, and maybe it will be — exec producer Shane Brennan isn’t afraid to divide the team, which we learned in last season’s finale. He’s told us that this story arc carries through to the season 7 premiere, so expect a cliffhanger. (I’m thinking it will turn out to be Director Vance who stays behind for that assignment discussed at the intelligence summit…Any chance Ziva has been working an assignment for Vance that she wasn’t allowed to tell Gibbs about, like when Tony had to date the Frog’s daughter for Jenny?)

P.S. Why didn’t Gibbs reveal that it was Ziva who killed Ari and not him? Because when someone’s loyalty is being questioned, you don’t want to bring up that she turned on her half-brother, even if he was evil (but hot)?

P.P.S. Yay for McGee making a sexy friend.

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