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'Idolatry': Beware, Kris! Sabotage is nigh!

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I know, I know, this week’s Idolatry is late! But better than never, no? And if it makes you feel any better, I don’t think our fearless producer Jason Averett has eaten or slept for 72 hours! (How else to explain the sheer genius of this week’s Value Initiative video…which is required viewing for discerning pop-culture addicts. Seriously, click that link, people!) And also, press play below for plenty of Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, plus BONUS ALLISON, a word of warning for Matt Giraud, and a cameo from Eloise Hawking! Warning: This episode contains new and vigorous Kara Bashing™. Apologies to her fan base, but those “early Aerosmith” references were too much for my cohost Kristen Baldwin and me.