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Even MORE heartbreaking songs: Moby weighs in!

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I recently interviewed Moby about his forthcoming CD Wait For Me, and will be posting about that later in the week. But at one point in our conversation the electronica overlord ruminated about what he considers to be among the saddest tunes ever written. Given the huge response generated by our list of the 50 most heartbreaking songs of all time and the seeming oddness of Moby’s choice, I thought you might be interested to read what he had to say on the allegedly heartbreaking qualities of…Johnny Nash’s “I Can See Clearly Now.”

Moby: “One of my favorite songs, and I think one of the saddest songs ever written, is “I Can See Clearly Now.” It’s routinely seen as this happy song. They’ll have an ad for, like, Fabreze and they’ll license “I Can See Clearly Now” and someone will be the opening curtains and the sun is coming in. But whenever I hear “I Can See Clearly Now” I envision a 52-year-old secretary having her birthday by herself with her cat. Because nothing is more depressing than someone who is depressed but who is doing everything in their power to not look in the mirror and see the depression. That’s the dark night of the soul.”

Is Moby right? Check out Johnny Nash’s performance of the song (as well as his unarguably amazing outfit) below and tell us what you think.

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