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Disney's 'The Princess and the Frog' trailer

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The official trailer for Disney’s The Princess and the Frog is out.

It’s impossible to judge a Disney Princess movie without hearing the songs, especially the “I am [Princess], behold my trying circumstances, and my dream to overcome them” ditty. Think Snow White’s “Some Day My Prince Will Come,” Aurura/Briar Rose’s “I Wonder,” Cinderella’s “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes,” Ariel’s “Part of Your World,” Belle’s “Belle,” Pocahontas’ “Just Around the River Bend,” Mulan’s “Reflection,” QED. (Technically Jasmine is a Disney Princess TM, but Aladdin‘s not really about her. The “here is my deal, I have needs” song from that film is his, and it’s “One Jump Ahead.”) Anyway, minus Tiana’s anthem, I’m unable to render meaningful judement on the film. On the plus side, I like classic 2-D style animation, and the film sure looks pretty. On the concerns side, Disney’s track record with racism and racist caricature makes me a little nervous when I see stuff like that toothless firefly.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you puckering up for The Princess and the Frog?

There’s more footage after the jump…