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Happy Mother's Day, Mom: Thanks for giving birth to me...and letting me love 'Big Trouble in Little China'!

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Timsnuggie_l_2I’m lucky enough to have a mom (and a dad) who both have always supported my borderline obsession with pop culture. When all the other kids were outside playing basketball, I was inside watching Feds on HBO or Big Trouble in Little China on VHS for the 100th time. My mom didn’t judge me. One summer, my brother and I spent the entire break shooting no-budget horror films with our family video camera and even threw a life-size human dummy out our second floor window (it was an elaborate death scene and we couldn’t afford a stuntman). Again, my mom didn’t blink an eye.

In fact, some of my favorite memories of my mom are entertainment-related. She and I went to see Madonna’s Re-invention World Tour and had a blast (although she did ask me to translate the Kabbalah projected onscreen during the performance). For an EW story, she actually drove me to my interview with Tyler Perry in Atlanta in her min-van. And she and I sat together one Thanksgiving, watched The Notebook, and blubbered like little babies (all the while still appreciating the beauty that is Ryan Gosling). And then last Christmas, while our entire family was skiing in Lake Tahoe, my mom became completely smitten with the infomercial for the Snuggie. So, this past Easter, she bought all of us those giant airplane blankets with sleeves as a gift (see above pic for visual proof).

So I’d like to take this moment and thank my mom, Mary Stack, for being so damn cool. And, more importantly, being so pop culture-savvy. And, oh yeah, that whole giving birth to me thing. That was really swell. Now, who out there can beat out mine as the most world’s pop-friendly mom? Let’s hear it, PopWatchers!