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Woody Allen's 'Whatever Works' trailer: A Larry David-Evan Rachel Wood romance? Really?

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There’s something disturbing about the trailer for Woody Allen’s next flick, Whatever Works. It could be the implied romantic pairing of the 61-year-old Larry David with the fresh-faced Evan Rachel Wood, who’s 21. It could also be the apparent complete lack of any sort of plot or narrative. But, most likely, it’s the fact there are zero laughs in the trailer. Not one. Allen seems to have written yet another ditzy blond who is dumb as nails, and while David seemingly makes a perfect surrogate for Allen himself, something about the whole thing comes off as smug.

As a huge fan of both Allen and David, please excuse me while I go wallow in disappointment and self-pity. To be fair, it could just be a bad trailer: Studios never seem to know how to sell Allen’s movies. But I in no way, shape, or form can support a Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood union. That’s just plain Gross. (I capitalized for dramatic effect.) Watch it below and decide: Does this make you want to see the movie? Or were you underwhelmed, too? And who else agrees there’s not nearly enough of Patricia Clarkson?