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Twitter's recipes for disaster

Maureen Evans chops recipes into 140 characters or fewer — maybe she shouldn’t

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Recipe: Peanut Butter Stew brwn t cumin&coriander/garlic&chili&onion/T oil; +c yam&tater&pep&zuke; simmer15m+can coconut & toms/4T tamari&peanutbutr.
Verdict: Getting through this recipe required more than a little guesswork (how much garlic and onion? Shredded coconut or coconut milk?). But there was no doubt about the result: Blech. Barely cooked veggies drowned in a salty peanut-butter bath? Not our idea of comfort food. D-

Recipe: Spinach Spaghetti boil10oz/300g pasta al dente. Brwn t garlic/4T olvoil; +5c spinach 3m; +pasta/s+p. Toss+T olvoil/3T parmesan; top w parm.
Verdict: Cook the pasta, brown the garlic, toss in the spinach…et voilá! Dinner is served. This nuts-and-bolts main course couldn’t be easier — or less exciting. It wasn’t bad, but why waste time decoding culinary algebra if the final product is as simple as one plus one? C

Recipe: Butterscotch Pudding mix.5c packed brwnsug/3T cornstrch/dash salt; +1.5c milk/.5c cream. Boil/whisk1m; +2T buttr/T whisky/t vanil. Chill2h.
Verdict: Following the straightforward steps for this shortcut dessert wasn’t hard. Eating it, on the other hand, was next to impossible. A heap of cornstarch turned the milk and sugar into a clammy glob with a chalky aftertaste. Next time we’re in a hurry, we’ll go with Jell-O. F