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Feedback from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t, on Hugh Jackman and Stephen King

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Feedback from our readers

Hair-Raising Question
Readers loved our Hugh Jackman cover but snickered at his ‘do. ”I said ‘Wow!’ when I saw his biceps — and ‘Whoa!’ when I got a load of his There’s Something About Mary bangs!” wrote Celeste MacPhee. Who do you think he resembles?
Ace Ventura
Elvis Presley
Conan O’Brien

Summer Movie Preview
Hugh Jackman greased up and lookin’ mean in a tank top? Best. Cover. Ever.
Tommy Sweeny

Jeff Jensen’s preview of the new Harry Potter film quotes Robbie Coltrane calling it ”the one where Dumbledore pops his claws.” The British idiom is actually ”pops his clogs.”
Eric Kerns
Pownal, Vt.

Senior writer Jeff Jensen responds: If only my British interview subjects spoke proper English, we wouldn’t have these problems! Seriously, British accents are my fatal flaw. When Alan Moore told me he grew up in the ”terraced streets” of England, I heard ”terrorist streets.” Blimey! They’re never going to let me into England again.

Director Nick Cassavetes has changed the ending of My Sister’s Keeper? It’s essential to the book’s integrity! I’ll be one of the Jodi Picoult fans not going to this movie.
Sherry Garcia-Koplowitz
St. Louis

Thanks for the mention of All the Boys Love Mandy Lane in your Summer Movie Preview issue. It’s one of the most gorgeously shot films I’ve ever seen, proof that the horror genre is, in fact, an art. The movie has been sitting on the shelf for years — I hope this summer will bring it the acclaim it deserves.
Christy Valentine
Portland, Ore.

Stuck on You
Great. Earworms. Now I have ”The Preamble” from Schoolhouse Rock running through my head — and not for the first time, either (The Pop of King). Last time this happened, it was there for years! Thanks, Uncle Stevie.
Joni Sequira
Moyock, N.C.

Speaking of earworms, Mr. King, I had the worst one ever after your mini-series Storm of the Century. For months afterward ”I’m a Little Teapot” played in my head. Thankfully, by the time I had kids, the creepiness factor of the song had abated.
Lisa Mair
Naples, Fla.