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The bullseye: May 8, 2009

Leonard Nimoy, Paula Abdul, and Lil’ Kim made pop culture news this week

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· It’s the week of Leonard Nimoy! Catch him in Star Trek and the finale of Fringe.
· Peter Sarsgaard, Maggie Gyllenhaal get maaaarried.
· Wolverine: Some see a superhero movie; we see a workout video.
· Lil’ Kim: We’re going to miss you and your ”bionic booty” on Dancing With the Stars.
· 3OH!3‘s profane ”Don’t Trust Me” would be one of the weirdest, most addictive songs of the year even if it didn’t have the Helen Keller shout-out.
· Lauren Conrad is more animated than she’s been in years — in a guest spot on Family Guy.

Near Misses
· A synthesizer strangles Paula Abdul. The result: her new single ”I’m Just Here for the Music.”
· Kirstie Alley, we’re less concerned about your recent weight gain and more concerned about your heinous Real Housewives of O.C. hair.
· Susan Boyle backlash
· Madonna‘s Met Costume Gala outfit: Really?
· Swine flu fatigue. Wait…isn’t lethargy one of the symptoms?
· We are at war. The economy is in the toilet. And our judicial system is still deciding whether Janet Jackson‘s boob was obscene.
· Bravo’s The Fashion Show has a flamboyant man in a red pimp suit named Merlin. Now you know the most entertaining thing about the series.
· Elliott Yamin‘s new mullet
· The Amazing Race‘s Jen loses out at her shot at a million bucks because she has to pee.

· Matthew McConaughey keeps his shirt on for most of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Respect for his craft? Or fear of competing with Hugh Jackman’s pecs?
· Pearl of wisdom from Jenny McCarthy‘s new blog on Oprah.com: ”Wow, it’s really hard when you have PMS.”
· As if her reality show wasn’t embarrassing enough, Denise Richards publicly butchered ”Take Me Out to the Ball Game” at a Cubs game last weekend.