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Forthcoming 'Wolfboy' dating show: Will it be heinous or touching?

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Wolfboyramosgomez_lIn the mess of morning news was this weird little gem: A production company is developing a show that’ll chronicle the “Wolfboy” as he looks for love. The “Wolfboy,” of course, is 31-year-old Larry Ramos Gomez, who became tabloid-famous because his face is covered in thick hair, making him appear to look something like a grown-up version of Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf.

A dating show? On this guy? That’s what I asked when I first heard the news. I sadly envisioned some sort of Bachelor-type situation where producers insultingly found grossly hairy women — or otherwise deformed ladies — for him to choose from. Or maybe they’d be able to find a few tragic, fame-obsessed bombshells who’d “feel sorry” for him and enter the mix, too. I could only think of offensive situations.

But one of the producers, John Stevens, claims the show will be more documentary-style: “The idea is to document his search to get out of the freak factor category” — we’re talking about a guy who has been on both Maury Povich and Ripley’s Believe It or Not — “and try to get people to look at him as a normal guy,” he tells Variety. It’s not like Gomez hasn’t had success with the ladies before: He has been married and has a child.

I want to believe this producer and his plan to help the poor overly hairy guy “out of the freak factor category.” But with the sensational nature of television, it’s hard for me to believe that this won’t be anything other than totally ridiculous and a touch mean-spirited. Maybe it won’t be in concept, but will the editors be able to resit creating a whole episode around the “Wolfboy” and his failed attempts at picking up ladies at the bar? An episode where his potential girlfriend/bride has to prove herself by shaving his face to perfection? Blind dates, anyone?

What say you, PopWatchers? Is there a way to chronicle the “Wolfboy” without being offensive? Will you be tuning in to see how they handle this?

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