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'Wolverine Uncaged' videogame review: Something to sink your claws into

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Wolverinegamereview_lWolverine’s not your typical comic book superhero, so it’s nice to see that X-Men Origins: Wolverine isn’t the normal (i.e. shoddy) movie-licensed videogame. The mature-rated Uncaged version for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC appeals to mainstream God of War fans and comic loyalists alike. (For a more family-friendly version of the game, Activision has teen-rated Wolverine games for Wii, PlayStation 2, and PSP, and an E10+game for Nintendo DS.)

With Hugh Jackman reprising his role from the film (voice and likeness), this Wolverine is a bloodthirsty, brutal, and handsome beast. Those retractable claws are just the tip of the arsenal gamers will be able to unleash on foes -– the gore, and intestines, flow freely. The developer behind Activision’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance franchise has added some customization to the mix, allowing fans to make Wolverine stronger and offering cool berzerker rage moves like the drill, which literally sends Logan straight through Weapon X security guards. Since Wolverine is a regenerative, indestructible superman, the game pits him against foes from the film, like Sabretooth, and super villains from the comics, like the 100-foot-tall robot, Sentinel.

The game succeeds in creating epic action sequences and putting players in control of diving through the air from one attack chopper to another or riding atop a rampaging Blob as he tears through a grocery store. Powered by the same technology seen in Gears of War 2, this game adds a gritty realism to the blend of comics and film with a variety of cool locales like Alkali Lake and the Weapon X lab. This is a fun expansion of the Wolverine origin story that holds plenty of unlockable secrets, including those comic book costumes.