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ShePop: Reese Witherspoon, our hero again

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Benreese_lNo matter how liberated ladies get, nor how far we come with gender relations, it’s still strangely satisfying when a woman steps in for a man in a movie project. (Think Angelina Jolie subbing for Tom Cruise in the upcoming Edwin A. Salt.) But Reese Witherspoon takes the you-go-girl effect to a new level by (possibly) stepping in for Jim Carrey on the once-killed project Used Guys. She’s not simply making a male role on the page female on the screen. In the sci-fi comedy, she’ll play a woman in a female-centric future wherein women buy, trade, and clone men to tend to their needs. (Ben Stiller, incidentally, will play the central outdated clone.) What was once a clone-buddy comedy will now have gender parity. (Ironic that it took a reboot to achieve that, given the subject matter.) Witherspoon, meanwhile, can lend her made-for-romantic-comedy charms to a project with at least a little more on its mind than whether the glamorous leading lady can find true love. Plus, her involvement could help get the movie made this time (budget concerns scuttled the 2007 version that also costarred Emily Mortimer). And, well, I can’t lie: I just want to see a movie about women trading in dudes for younger models. Not that I condone that in real life — for any gender — but a movie never hurt anyone, did it? And surely we’ll learn some important lessons about the value of men along the way.

What do you think? Could Used Guys be a good vehicle for Reese? Do you want to see it?

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