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Mrs. Butterworth has a first name...and it's worth $500!

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Eat your heart out, JFK assassination. The biggest mystery of the past 40 years has been Mrs. Butterworth’s first name. Okay, not really. But it’s the question that’s been on my mind for about one hour, ever since I received a press release informing me of a contest hosted by Mrs. Butterworth to guess her first name. (Winner gets $500! That’s a lot of pancakes!) What could it possibly be? Should I say Susan, since the icon seems to resemble Britain’s Got Talent frontrunner a wee bit? Or should I be more methodical about things and guess Mary, since that was the most popular girls’ name in 1961, when Mrs. Butterworth made her TV debut? Considering, however, that the syrup bottle has been has only been seen by children in commercials (see clip below) — and is therefore probably a figment of a kid’s imagination — I’d go for Poopoorainbowprettypants. Your votes, PopWatchers?