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The CW quits Sundays: Let's all stick a fork in weekend TV

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Jerichocloud_lThe CW is apparently killing its Sunday programming for good next fall, leaving its affiliates to fend for themselves. It’s really a win-win, given the circumstances — the current lineup of Jericho reruns (running a canceled CBS show in prime time is never a good sign) and random movies (Cutthroat Island, anyone?) was doing no one any favors. But what does it mean that a network — albeit the littlest major — is giving up on entire nights? Saturdays are already moot. Friday is no picnic either, for The CW, or for any other major network not running Ghost Whisperer. Could we soon see Fridays turned over to syndication, too, becoming yet another place to find endless reruns of Friends and Seinfeld? And how about NBC striking the whole 10 p.m. hour from prime time and handing it over to Jay Leno? (Not to mention knocking CBS’ programming in the promos.)

In short: Is this one more sign of the prime-time apocalypse? With some cable shows charting network-worthy numbers and the Nielsen Top 30 inching ever closer to cable levels, are we witnessing the end of TV as we’ve known it?

And do we even care, PopWatchers? Or are we happy to get our programming wherever and whenever since it’s all just showing up on our DVR at our convenience anyway?