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'Better Off Ted': Hey, let's all yell at ABC to save this show!

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Tonight, in the terrific, season-ending episode of Better Off Ted, Ted (the debonair Jay Harrington) and Veronica (pert Portia de Rossi) have job evaluations. As a result, they try to make more of their employees like them. “You so desperately want to be loved,” sneers Veronica. “Yes, I do,” says honest Ted. He turns to the camera and says to us at home: “I mean, who doesn’t?”

He’s right. And what sitcom doesn’t deserve love more than Better Off Ted, currently struggling for ratings and renewal? This show is, every week, whip-smart and packed with quotable lines and beautifully-staged scenes.


ABC won’t be announcing its new prime-time schedule for another two weeks, so tune in tonight and appreciate what Ted is doing all over again, then tell me whether you think it’s worth saving  below, won’t you? Thanks.

I promise I’ll pass on any and all comments below to anyone I can find connected with the show. Sure, it’s a long shot, but it feels good to champion quality, doesn’t it?