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'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' poll: About that ending...

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Wolverine_lDon’t worry. We’ll keep it spoiler-free until after the jump. This poll question is for the people who helped make X-Men Origins: Wolverine the weekend’s No. 1 movie with an estimated $87 million. And it’s not, “Did the person sitting beside you elbow you when Hugh Jackman first appeared shirtless?” Though you’re right: I wouldn’t put it past me either…

The question is: Did your showing applaud when Xavier (Patrick Stewart) made his appearance at the end of the film to help the mutant children escape the island? Mine did. In fact, it was the moment of the movie that received the biggest reaction. If your answer is yes, why do you think the audience responded that way? Is it just because Xavier kicks ass? Or is it something deeper: Do we all consider ourselves mutants to some degree, and we’re happy to see the man we know takes care of our own? In this crazy world we live in, is there 10 seconds of comfort, however escapist, in seeing a powerful, decent man tell us we’re safe and trust that he means it? I think I actually exhaled when he came on screen.


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