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'Family Guy': And the self-awareness runs wild!

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On last night’s Family Guy, none of the late night hosts could believe that Lauren Conrad was an esteemed academic…or dating a dog. Fallon, Ferguson, and Leno all did a cameo, and we have to applaud the way they sort of self-deprecated their typical hosting fashions — mildly bewildered, excessively randy, and over-the-top corny — to cover the same topic. Press play below.

Conrad herself made a hilarious know-it-all throughout, but my favorite part of the episode was Family Guy‘s knock against Sting — that only the last three words of anything he sings are recognizable as English. Hey, someone had to say it! And not Sting. Anyone else dig Family Guy last night?

But…what?! Speaking of Family Guy…can you believe Fox has renewed the spinoff Cleveland before its first episode has even aired? At this point they’d probably greenlight a documentary/sitcom about the annoying interference emitting from my computer’s speakers as long as Seth McFarlane was attached.