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'Big Bang' star Jim Parsons gives us the goods

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To get us pumped for next week’s season finale, Jim Parsons, Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, gives EW the goods on spoilers, Rock Papers Scissors Lizard Spock, and why Leonard (Johnny Galecki) hasn’t murdered his roommate.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Jim Parsons, thanks for talking to us.

JIM PARSONS: It’s a pleasure, as always.

So what’s the scoop for the finale?

[Executive producer] Chuck Lorre put it best when he said we were literally putting these guys on ice for the hiatus. That’s what happens—in the name of science a good portion of the cast literally ends up on ice.

On ice? Like Han Solo in carbonite?

No. This is more like the Ice Planet of Hoth. You know that part where he chops open the Tauntaun and puts Luky Skywalker in it because Luke has been injured? We make a reference to that. Talk about spoiler alert! Of all the things I have memorized for this show that don’t stay in my mind, the name of the ice planet is in there. The Ice Planet of Hoth! Why can’t it be science? Why can’t I remember, like, the Drake Equation? But no.

I’m not sure the Drake Equation would be helpful on a day to day basis.

You’re probably right. As evidenced by our conversation right now, the Ice Planet of Hoth comes up in conversation.


Please explain why Leonard hasn’t killed Sheldon?

Theonly factual thing I can draw is that when Christine Baranski made herappearance as his mother, we learned how much Sheldon and Mrs.Hofstadter had in common. It was from that moment on you realized therewas at least the chance that Leonard might be working out some parentalrelationships in his life [with] Sheldon.


So Sheldon is feeding Leonard’s mommy issues?

Yes. Ididn’t say that, but I will agree with your having said that. When Iput it my way, I’m like, “well, that sounds reasonable.” But when you put it like that, I’m like, “What sort of show are we doing?!”

Obviously for a minute it looked like Sheldon and Mrs. Hofstadter might hook up.

Well,didn’t they, in their own way? Didn’t they sort of hook up? They bothjust threw caution to the wind and let themselves go while singing duetwith Rock Band. … I don’t know that sex is a never possibility on thisshow for Sheldon, but I think perhaps there are other ways he satisfiesurges. I think one of the urges was satisfied, singing the duet withMrs. Hofstadter—which is really trippy coming off what we just saidabout Leonard’s mommy issues, but let’s not go there. I don’t know what that says.

Any chance Christine Baranski will come back?

I hope so.

Changing tack for a minute, as you know, I’m the manager of the Vote Jim Parsons for an Emmy Nomination campaign.

That’s right. I’m not paying you. I don’t know if my mother is sending you payments, but I am not.

I’m doing it for the love of your work!

This is your good deed? Your pro bono charity campaigning?

No! Well, yes. But do you have inspiring words you want to give your constituents?

Voteearly, vote often? No, wait a minute, that doesn’t work. It’s an honorjust to be campaigned for on a blog. How do they say that, “It’s anhonor just being nominated?” While I’m sure that still holds true, I really can’tspeak to that yet, so it’s an honor to be discussed.

What kind of Emmy campaign is the show doing?

I honestlydon’t know. I think it’s very common for studios/networks to do thewhole show. I think doing single actor campaigns is fairly uncommon.

So I’m your best hope?

You might be my only hope, Obi Wan. If we can have some sort of throughline through any conversation, whether it be Star Trek or Star Wars, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just keeping it going.

Speaking of Star Trek, how tired are you of strangers asking to play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock?

I’mnot tired at all! Mainly because I can’t do it. I think people aretired of me being such a letdown when they want to hear about it, orGod forbid play it. Honestly that was one of the hardest things I’veever had to memorize. It somehow doesn’t compute in my brain. I hate tosay that must mean that it doesn’t mean anything to me, but I’m afraidthat it really doesn’t mean very much to me.

You’re going off on hiatus. What do the rest of us do for the summer with no new episodes?

Idon’t know what you do with your life, but surely they’ll show somerepeats. Maybe that’s it: If you really feel like you can’t get enoughof Big Bang, one could recruit others who haven’t watched it during the regular season. 

This is starting to sound less like a campaign and more like a cult.

That’s fine too.

Thanks, Jim!

Thank you!