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Can a 'Les Miz' reality show be far off?

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Wow, do British people love Les Miserable. It’s true, y’all. Exhibit A: Susan Boyle (duh). Exhibit B: Susan Boyle 2.0, Jamie Pugh, whose audition for Britain’s Got Talent is similarly moving and special:

Preach, Pugh bear! Maybe he and Susan can sing a duet of “A Little Fall of Rain” so I can cry for 10,000 years. Or maybe, just maybe, this means someone out there is on the verge of creating a Les Miserables reality series in which contestants compete for roles in a revival of the show. Apparently, there’s already a nation of undiscovered would-be Valjeans and Eponines just waiting for their big breaks, not to mention an entire planet of people dying to share YouTube clips of their auditions. It could be called Do You Hear the People Sing?, and it would be awesome.

Are you dreaming this dream with me, PopWatchers?