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'Gilmore Girls': Your Saturday classic, 'Rory's Dance'

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Look, I’ll be honest with you: I was supposed to write something about last night’s Bono/George Clooney interview on CNN, but who cares, really? Clooney was charming, Bono was Irish. Done. Frankly, what I’d rather write about is that, this evening, SoapNet is airing a classic, season-one episode of Gilmore Girls, called “Rory’s Dance.”

If you don’t recall it, the title helps: Rory, with great reluctance, goes to her first formal dance, with Dean (yes, Supernatural fans, Jared Padalecki had a career before he was Sam Winchester).

The subplot of the episode involved Lorelai having a back spasm and her prim mom coming over to care for her. As always, the banter between Lauren Graham’s Lorelai and Kelly Bishop’s Emily is superb, as when Emily, to comfort Lorelai, makes her what she claims was one of Lorelai’s favorite childhood meals, a mashed-banana on toast:

How great was Gilmore Girls, huh? The episode is of course full-to-bursting with cultural references, from Dorothy Parker to Squeaky Fromme, from Susan Faludi to Oscar Levant.

They just don’t make TV like this anymore, do they? And this was back in prehistoric times. You know: 2000! The WB!

Tell me if you remember this, or if you’re seeing it for the first time and liking it. Thanks.