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Mr. T called for jury duty: To which star would you entrust your legal fate?

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Remember that scene in 12 Angry Men where Henry Fonda sticks the switchblade into the jurors’ table and proclaims, “I pity the fool who rushes to judgment!” No? Didn’t happen? Oh. Maybe I’m commingling memories after reading that 1980s badass, Mr. T, was called for jury duty Monday in Chicago. Ultimately, the judge dismissed him before he could be seated in a jury, but the former B.A. Baracus would’ve made a fine foreman. Even the daughter of the defendant, a woman accused of drug possession, seemed to think so, telling the Chicago Sun-Times, “My mom would have picked him.”

But heaven forbid you ever find yourself in the defendant’s chair of a courtroom. Which celebrity would you most like to have among a jury of your peers? Conversely, which celebrity would most terrify you if they filed in to the jury box?  If my life were on the line, I’d breath a lot easier knowing Jay Leno was on the jury. Jay likes everyone. Simon Cowell, on the other hand, would have me changing my plea before the opening arguments. How about you? Who would you most and least like to be judged by?