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Robert DeNiro donating De-knickknacks to University of Texas

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Deniro_lAcademy Award winning actor, high-end restaurateur, and (apparently) celebrity horder Robert DeNiro is donating memorabilia and props from some of his 60-plus films to the University of Texas. He will reportedly unload more than 1,300 boxes of papers, film, movie props and costumes, including the hack license he obtained while researching his starring role in 1976’s Taxi Driver, the leopard-print boxing robe he wore as Jake LaMotta in 1980’s Raging Bull, and the coats he wore as the creature in 1994’s Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Of course, this is a welcome bit of news for UT students and anyone looking for insight for an unauthorized biography of the notoriously unchatty star. But this announcement also has me wondering: Are there DeNiro props that he deemed too precious to part with?

Perhaps the following five:

–Mickey Rourke’s soul (from 1987’s Angel Heart, in which DeNiro played — spoiler alert! — Lucifer).

–The aluminum baseball bat that Joe Pesci got bludgeoned to death with in 1995’s Casino.

–Special Agent Alonzo (Yaphet Kotto) Mosely’s Foster Grant sunglasses from 1988’s Midnight Run.

–A signed copy of costar Barbra Streisand’s Christmas Memories CD we’re assuming he received on the set of 2004’s Meet the Fockers.

–The monocle, jackboots, and any and all memory of his role as Fearless Leader in the staggering 2000 box-office turkey, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (pictured).

Have any other ideas?