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'Chuck': wedding bells, final bell?

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Chuck_l Chuck‘s season (series?) finale was crammed with everything we like about the show: It was smart and funny; it had a lot of heart and action. Building the episode around Ellie’s wedding was a way to get all the main players in one place, including Chuck’s dad and Chevy Chase. (Chase’s Roark has turned out to be one of the best roles he’s had since Fletch, don’t you think? All season, he really tapped into his inner-S.O.B.)

In a way, I understand the not-so-hot ratings for Chuck: A show that juggles this many moods is bound to confuse a big mass audience. But for those of you who laser in on its mixture of wiseguy adventurism and surreal romanticism, this episode was a fine summing-up.

I’m not going to give out with the spoilers — oh, screw it, here’s a small one: I loved the final line, “Guys, I know kung fu!” — so you’ll have to talk amongst yourselves and debate the finer points.

I’ll limit myself to a few observations: I never thought I’d laugh at another “Mr. Roboto” joke again, but I did. I liked the reveal of what was going on inside Scott Bakula’s head. (Watching him made me nostalgic for Quantum Leap.) And Ellie made a great-looking bride (there’s something so eternally ripe about Sarah Lancaster, isn’t there?).

What about you? Do you think the Subway Save-Chuck campaign will work? Did you like this season-ender?