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Susan Boyle's new competition: 10 year-old Hollie Steel

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If you believe Simon Cowell and the London press, Susan Boyle’s new competition is 10 year-old Hollie Steel, who wowed the Britain’s Got Talent judges Saturday night with her singing of the My Fair Lady song “I Could Have Danced All Night.” Overseas newspapers were reporting that Steel immediately vaulted to the number-two position as odds-on favorite to win the competition.

Dressed in a ballerina costume, Steel danced a bit and seemed close to getting a thumbs-down from Cowell and the other judges. Then the little girl broke into song in a delicate but strong voice:

Next thing you know, jaws dropped at the judges table and Cowell complimented Steel by saying, “This might just be the tip of the iceberg for you.” Judge Piers Morgan said, “I have never heard any [child] sing as well as you do.”

Me, I’m skeptical of Steel’s chances to become a worldwide sensation the way Boyle has. The girl has an undeniably pretty voice, but over here, she doesn’t seem to possess the same novelty factor that Boyle’s middle-aged triumph does. But that doesn’t mean the Brits won’t continue to go bonkers over her.

What do you think?