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'Chuck' reminder: Eat fresh, save a show

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Whether you’re a fan of geeks who have government secrets embedded in their brain or a fan of delicious sandwiches, this is your official reminder to buy your lunch at Subway today to participate in the save Chuck campaign.

Your instructions, as given on the Facebook page started by supporters of the NBC series: Shell out $5 for a footlong then drop a note in the comment box at the franchise saying that you’re participating in the ChuckTV.net campaign.

Chuck star Zachary Levi managed to do it (press play below), so if you count yourself among the show’s passionate fanbase, you really have no excuse. Except, of course, if you brought lunch from home today. Or if you have some sort of hoagie allergy, which would be really tragic.

Who’s planning a trip to Subway today for the cause? Stoked for tonight’s season (series?) finale?