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Eminem challenged by Rick Ross: Who'd you rather see in a rap battle?

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Rickrosseminem_lSo Rick Ross wants to battle Eminem, eh? Ha. Hahahahaha. I guess that would be an improvement of sorts over Ross’ current feud with Em’s pal 50 Cent, which may or may not be the world’s first Web 2.0 rap beef, but is certainly one of the world’s most boring. The fun wouldn’t last long, though. Here’s how this would go if it ever happened: Rick Ross would call Eminem old. Then Eminem would lyrically demolish him. Ross just put out a very solid album, and Eminem’s most recent material has been sorta subpar, but Ross on his best day is simply not coming close to Em on his worst in terms of mic skills. (Ross probably knows this — he also told MTV that he’d like to land a guest verse on Em’s Relapse if the whole battle thing doesn’t happen. Huh?)

What the Ross-Mathers matchup would be missing is the crucial element of evenly matched competitors. It’s just not that much fun watching two artists of different talent levels going at it. As long as we’re talking totally theoretically, I’d much rather see Eminem battle someone like, say, Jay-Z — another lyrical heavyweight who’s faced sideways talk from some quarters about his advancing age. That face-off will never happen, because as far as I know Jay and Em are on friendly terms, and besides, Jay considers himself above petty conflicts. But you can’t deny it would result in some must-hear music. As for Ross? If he really wants to battle someone who makes sense, a natural rival who’s working in the same niche as he is, may I suggest he pick an on-record fight with Andy Samberg?

I kid, I kid! (Sort of.) But you tell me: Which rap stars would you like to see declare lyrical war? Or are you completely over the idea of rap beefs?

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addCredit(“Ross: Mike Coppola/FilmMagic; Eminem: Theo Wargo/WireImage.com”)