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Columnist Dan Savage lining up new projects

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Fans of sex columnist and author Dan Savage’s funny, blunt, sometimes raunchy, but always grounded sex and relationship advice may be catching even more of him soon. A possible TV series based on his longtime syndicated column Savage Love is in the works, as is a stage musical based on his memoir The Kid, about his and his boyfriend’s adventures adopting their son. “It’s a little weird,” he tells EW. “In The Commitment [his book about gay marriage], I kept talking about how getting married is kind of like putting on a Broadway show about your relationship. And now there’s going to actually be one.”

He’ll also be featured in a live stage production of the NPR radio show This American Life, along with host Ira Glass, that’s being beamed live from New York tonight at 8 p.m. ET to over 400 movie screens nationwide. (Check here for locations and tickets.) Savage will join a number of performers including Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon, and TAL favorites like Starlee Kine and David Rakoff. ”There’s something about that show that creates such a bond with the listeners,” Savage says about Glass’s program, which also had a TV version picked up by Showtime (clip embedded below). “To put in one room a couple of thousand people who are really passionate about it — there’s an elatedness about the energy and about how special the event feels.”