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A Jade Goody musical? Apparently, it's never too soon

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Jadegoody_lAccording to a BBC story published today, late reality-show star Jade Goody — who found infamy on Britain’s Big Brother before succumbing to cervical cancer on March 22 at the age of 27 — will get the musical-theater treatment in an upcoming stage production. Because nothing says “gimme jazz hands!” like the horribly painful premature death of a dental nurse turned polarizing tabloid fixture.

Goody’s former business partner Danny Hayward announced that though no deal had yet been struckwith a TV network, he hopes to turn the auditions for the lead role into — surprise! — its own reality show. As for the songs, he says, some original numbers will be written by “well known bands, who wish to remain anonymous.”

Was Goody aware of the project before her death? No, but Hayward claims, “If the show continues to raise awareness about cervical cancer, bea good night out, and further her legacy, then it’s not really hurtinganyone…. She was tabloid gold. The people have the right to choose their hero.”

What do you think, readers? Given Goody’s massive popularity in the U.K. toward the end of her life, is a biopic treatment inevitable?Is it worthwhile if it helps to financially support the two young boysshe left behind? Or is this just a case of creepy opportunivores exploitingher sad legacy?

addCredit(“Tim Whitby/Getty Images”)