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'The Hills' starlet L.C. on 'Family Guy': Maybe she is a genius

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Per Kristin at E!, Lauren Conrad, one of my favorite “bish, please” face-makers, will guest-star on the May 3 episode of Family Guy as…no, not herself. Quite the contrary: She’ll be playing an intellectual genius. Conrad, or as I like to call her in official television reports such as this one, C., apparently hired an acting coach and researched the “history and theorems and conductors” about which she’ll yammer on in the episode so that her lines would sound more authentic. Hilarity! Watch a preview clip, below. (You’ll recognize her brilliant last line from every single Hills scene in existence.) Anyone else want to applaud C.’s willingness to sleep with Brian the Dog, not to mention her thoughtful decision to get a substantial boob job before appearing on an animated program?