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'Rock of Love Bus' officially ends. Please, Bret, can we have s'more?

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Bretmichaels_lAnyone catch the Rock of Love Bus reunion last night? (You know you did — ‘Fess up!). If you happened to miss it because you had a prior commitment/you prefer The Amazing Race/you have a life, here are some highlights: DJ Lady Tribe announced she’s been attending rehab (in slurred sentences, of course), Natasha got into a Daisy-Heather-esque brawl with Kelsey, and the ever-quoteable Ashley flirted with the possibility of a romance with “hot bitch” Brittanya. (She did not, however, address her current stance on on whether fans of basil = lameness).

Huh? What’s that you say? You want to know what happened between Taya and Bret? Come on, do you really need to ask? After watching Bret search for a STD-a-licious rock of love for three seasons, you should already be able to guess the status of his relationship with his strangely coiffed Penthouse Pet. (In Bret’s exact words: “We’ll see.” In my words: It doesn’t look good, folks.) Sure, Mindy fans like myself are happy, but I’m hoping for some more good news to come out of the relationship’s inevitable termination: another season of Rock of Love Bus. Yes, I know Bret claimed at the outset of Rock of Love Bus that this would be his final season. But surely, that will change now, right Bret? (Please?!) At least do it for my well-being: Though I find the Poison frontman to be a charming reality TV leading man—and therefore genuininly hope he does one day end his search successfully—I do not think I would be able to cope with the boozy hilarity that is Rock of Love. In fact, I’m prepared to continue watching Bret hit on pukey, surgically enhanced ladies until he looks like this.

Feel the same way, PopWatchers? And Team Mindy, anyone?