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DVR enhancements we'd like to see

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DvrwishOn my way to work today, I imagined coming home to my DVR/life partner this evening, clicking on my recorded shows list, and being greeted by a large smiley face on the top right of the screen. Why? Because I firmly believe that my DVR/life partner — who I named Peter and decided was just to the left of gay — would know that he was about to make me a very happy girl because he’d taped Dancing With the Stars, Castle, and a special Monday episode of Bones. I then thought about how sad I’d been Sunday night when I returned from a long weekend away, scrolled through my recorded shows list, and found no new episodes of Ghost Whisperer and Dollhouse to watch before the premiere of ABC Family’s My Fake Fiancé. Had Peter been able to flash me a frowny face emoticon, I would’ve been prepared for the heartbreak that followed. Therefore, I’d like to suggest to manufacturers of DVRs everywhere that they look into this emoticon feature. Perhaps there’s some kind of equation that can be built in. Like, if more than 65 percent of the shows you were hoping to tape that day aired new episodes: the you’re-gonna-be-psyched smiley face. If not: the break-it-to-me-gently frowny face.

Are there DVR enhancements you’d like to see? And have you anthropomorphized your DVR (or TV) to this degree?