Mandi Bierly
April 20, 2009 AT 09:25 PM EDT

I know I’m supposed to care about Tommy deciding that he’s not coming back even though the charges have been dropped and what that will do to Nora (who will be so consumed by the loss that she won’t be able to read, drink, and swim with newly-divorced Roger). And I’m supposed to be on the edge of my seat wondering if Robert, who actually got his cardiologist to sign an affidavit saying he’s good to go for sex with Kitty, will find out about her emotional affair with the park dad Alec. (Judging from the preview for next week, the answer is yes.) But really, as much as I love the entire Walker family (save Tommy), I would watch an hour of just Sarah, Kevin, and Scotty. Who’s with me?

Sarah prepared for her first day back at Ojai by going shopping with Kevin, buying an ill-fitting hot pink dress, and cracking a joke when they ran into Chad (guest star Jason Lewis), Kevin’s actor ex. “He’s bi, right?” she asked. “Maybe you should introduce me…. I’m 40. I can’t be that choosey.” Chad spotted them, crossed the street, dipped Kevin, and kissed him hard (pictured). Excellent entrance. So much hotter than Tribute, Lewis’ recent Lifetime movie with Brittany Murphy. Clearly no longer closeted, Chad eventually invited Kevin and Scotty out for drinks and I, for one, knew where this was headed long before Chad asked them what married life was like (“It’s like an episode of Leave it to Beaver, without the…,” Kevin trailed off) and whether they wanted to get out of there. And yet, my jaw still dropped. Cut to Kevin and Scotty making out in their apartment and a knock at the door. They both thought it was Chad not taking no for an answer (and the start of a porno), so they decided to let him in. Scotty opened the door and that shot of Sarah, standing there crazy-haired from her tryst with Cal (guest star Cristian de la Fuente) in the Ojai storeroom was one of my Top 10 favorites of the series. I love that Sarah had to share her office sex story with someone and since she couldn’t reach Kitty, just showed up at Kevin’s door because he’d been the most promiscuous Walker until he wed Scotty. I also love her response when Kevin told her that they thought she was Chad coming for a threesome. “Nice choice.”

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Let’s back up a bit. Sarah had sex on the brain and was happy to discover that since she’s left Ojai Foods it’s turned into Ojai Dudes. (Well done, Holly!) After ogling half of the staff (Rebecca should have no problem getting over Justin there), Sarah zeroed in one Cal from accounting who was more than happy to help her move boxes. I laughed out loud when she had him fetch a large ceramic pineapple from a top shelf just so she could examine the fine form he acquired being a minor league baseball player and a volunteer fireman. (As if it wasn’t enough that he managed his niece’s softball team, THEY MADE HIM A VOLUNTEER FIREMAN??? Would anyone blame Sarah for sleeping with this guy? I think not.) They finally grabbed each other and went at it, pausing only when Sarah asked him to sign a form saying that any intimate act they were to engage in was consensual and not based on business, like the promise of a promotion. So nice to see her being the smart businesswoman we know her to be. Too bad Cal turned out to be a temp who got one heck of a goodbye present. (Do you think Holly slept with him, too? I guess not. That would be too weird.)

As Scotty and Kevin came to terms with the fact that they’re most comfortable nesting (“We may as well be lesbians,” Scotty quipped), Kitty grew closer to Alec (guest star Matt Letscher). I was surprised that she admitted to him that she finds it easier to talk to him than to Robert at this point. That just made the situation even stickier. Do you think Robert and Kitty will make it through this? Do you even want them to? My feelings echo Kitty’s: What I used to love about him (his ambition, etc.) now just disappoints me. And bores me. After the way he closed himself off to Kitty, he can’t expect her to be waiting for him with open arms. Selfishly, I want her to separate from Robert because I’m tired of seeing that storyline week after week and it’s making Kitty lifeless. How great was it to see her excited for Nora about her reunion with Roger? Anyone else wondering why Nora didn’t have a talk with Kitty right there about Alec? Nora can read Kitty. She would’ve recognized that Kitty was overly defensive when she teased, “Kitty has a boyfriend! Kitty has a boyfriend!” It looks like Robert sees Kitty and Alec flirting in the park next week. Here’s hoping it hits the fan.

After a chat with Robert, who wrote him a recommendation for the VA medical program, Justin had an epiphany and asked Rebeccato meet him on the bench where they’d shared their first kiss. He tookresponsibility for letting their families come between them and lyingabout it and walked off, leaving her with the beautiful view thatoriginally made him want to show her that spot. This is, arguably, thehealthiest, most mature thing we’ve ever seen Justin do. And, ofcourse, it will not last. Next week’s preview shows Rebecca askingJustin for help with Ryan. What do you think that’s about? I think Ryanbecomes obsessed with her (officially) and she gets scared. He kindacreeped me out last night when he put his hand on her knee at dinnerwith her parents. David saw it and warned Rebecca that Ryan is lookingfor more than a couch to crash on. But she doesn’t see it. Neither doesHolly, who he’s totally sucking up to. She told Ryan that Rebecca’s favorite flowers are hydrangeas. He boughtsome for Rebecca and pretended like he just got lucky with a guess.Denying the insider info. from Holly could’ve been playful had it not been so calculating. He wants Rebecca to think that he knows herbetter than anyone. Dangerous, dangerous. Holly also told Ryan not to get caught up in the past. Could it be that the welcome fruit basket she sent Sarah was genuine, and she realizes that having Sarah at Ojai is only going to make her company more successful? I hope so. Maybe Holly could finally be decent, if they make Ryan the villain…

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