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Ask Ausiello about 'Grey's Anatomy'

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Greysheiglizzy_lIt’s baaaaack! No, I’m not talking about Grey’s Anatomy — although, yes, that’s also back this week. Rather, I’m referring to the rare treat that is the single-topic Ask Ausiello. Holla! Once again I’m focusing on Grey’s, and, once again, I have a good reason for doing so: I just watched the next two episodes (airing April 23 and 30) and my spoiler cupeth runneth overith. Questions, please!

Question: Please tell me there’s some good stuff for the amazingly talented Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd in the next two episodes of Greys. –HY
This Thursday’s ep? Not so much. Next Thursday’s ep? Hell yes!

Question: I went to go see Guys and Dolls last week when I was in New York, but Lauren Graham wasn’t there! Can you make me feel better by giving me some Grey’s Anatomy scoop? –Troy
These next two episodes are as solid as any I’ve seen this season. Most of my favorite moments involved Katherine Heigl, who as I Tweeted earlier today, is doing her best work since season 2. 

Question: Give me some good Alex-Izzie scoop! –Nicole
Izzie’s trashtastic mother (played by Sharon Lawrence) makes a memorable entrance on 4/30. (Hint: It involves a case of mistaken identity with her potential son-in-law). 

Question: Izzie! Grey’s! Scoop! –Janine
She’s cancer free by the second ep… or so someone close to her is led to believe.

Question: Any scoop on my favorite Grey’s character, Lexie? –Kelly
Shonda Rhimes found a fun way to work in Chyler Leigh’s sudden plus-sizedness (the actress is pregnant in real life) — and it involves the feud between Mark and Derek.

Question: Please bless me with some Mark and Lexie scoop! Are these two getting some screen time in the episodes leading up to the finale? –Naazneen
There’s some kissing, hand holding, and a dinner date with dad. (In other words, yes!)

Question: Any good T.R. Knight stuff coming up? –Marco
George and Alex have a huge blowup over Izzie. And before the scene ends, glass is shattered, blood is shed, and someone suffers a near-fatal fall.

Got more questions about Grey’s? Send ’em to ausielloscoop@ew.com and maybe I’ll answer them in Thursday’s AA. I said maybe.