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Mel Gibson's divorce

Mel Gibson’s divorce — The actor/director may be splitting with his wife, but we wager that his sizable fortune and proven ability to withstand scandal will help him cope

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Divorce is deeply personal and private. Unless you’re Mel Gibson. But we suspect the Braveheart star will be just fine. Here’s why:

1 He’s Über-rich
And still will be, even if wife of 28 years Robyn Moore gets half of his $1 billion fortune. (Legal experts say she could.)

2 They’re Playing Nice
The couple — who have seven kids — vowed in a statement to ”maintain the privacy and integrity of our family.”

3 Studios Still Trust Him
Gibson hasn’t starred in a film since 2003. ”But in the right movie, the guy still gets $20 million,” says an agent.

4 Not That He Needs a Studio
Since 2004’s Passion of the Christ (which he directed, co-wrote, and produced) raked in $600 million-plus globally, he’s his own boss.

5 The DUI Was Way Worse!
He’s still working, even after his 2006 arrest (and infamous anti-Semitic tirade). If that didn’t hurt him, why would this?