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Feedback from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t, on our Jennifer Hudson issue

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Feedback from our readers

That was a very good article on Jennifer Hudson (”Standing Strong”). When Dreamgirls was in theaters, I took my children to see it. I didn’t expect to babble like a newborn, but when she sang ”And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,” tears welled up in my eyes and I cried. I wish her the best.
Doreen Van Lee

Ghost Story
I have never written to any magazine before, but I had to for this issue. When I got to page 28, I screamed like a little girl on Christmas morning. Thank you, thank you for giving this devoted Supernatural fan a four-page spread on her favorite show (”Sexy. Scary. Supernatural.”). I love the Winchester boys and have never missed an episode. Feel free to showcase Supernatural again.
Alexandra Kelman

Thank you — it’s about time! Finally, an article on Supernatural that I can hold in my hands rather than squint at on my computer. The Winchester boys deserve more attention. But wait — what fresh hell is this? You say the show will be gone after next year? ”Angels and ministers of grace, defend us!”
Kayo Otis
Brockton, Mass.

Quality Control
Mark Harris’ comments about the recent proliferation of humdrum recession-era entertainment (The Final Cut) were right on the money (or, rather, the lack thereof). Just because we must now be more mindful of how we spend our money doesn’t mean that we want mindless entertainment. I’d prefer to watch Lost (with its literary allusions, philosophical references, and character-driven plot) over Wife Swap or Toddlers & Tiaras any day. Viewers simply do not need any more ”cheap” entertainment than what is already out there.
Linda Drake
Riverside, Calif.

Mark, you should rejoice at the inanity! Thanks to the glories of reality TV and movies like Paul Blart: Mall Cop, I have turned to the stack of books next to my couch. Surprise! Reading is as much fun as I remembered. I can actually feel some of my brain cells regenerate. God bless cheapskate, unimaginative network honchos!
Linda Oliver
Bolivar, Tenn.

Up for Review
You couldn’t review Prince’s new CD? But you review Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and the Pussycat Dolls?
Gary Bowden
Fort Smith, Alaska

Senior editor Rob Brunner responds:
Occasionally artists decide not to provide albums ahead of time, and we have to review them later than we would like. That’s what happened with the new CDs from Prince and Rascal Flatts. Reviews of both appeared in last week’s issue.

Andy Hallett Remembered
Major kudos to EW for being among the few to mention the death of the Buffy-verse’s beloved Lorne, also known as Andy Hallett (Monitor). As a Buffy fan, I was very sad to hear this news. Hallett will be missed by scores of Buffy and Angel fans — and his contributions to the show will definitely be remembered!
Emily Kelleher
South Boston, Mass.