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Casting for on-screen aging

Casting for on-screen aging — From ”The Notebook” to ”Big Fish,” we look at the young-to-old casting stunts that were most credible, and the ones that didn’t quite match

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Does Zac Efron playing a young Matthew Perry seem far-fetched? They’d hardly be the first — or most — mismatched actors. Check out which young-to-old casting stunts were implausible, and which were inspired.

Most Believeable
Character: Lila in Evening
Young: Mamie Gummer
Old: Meryl Streep

Character: Sandra in Big Fish
Young: Alison Lohman
Old: Jessica Lange

Somewhat Believable
Character: Indy in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Young: River Phoenix
Old: Harrison Ford

Character: Michael in Sleepers
Young: Brad Renfro
Old: Brad Pitt

Character: Roberta in Now and Then
Young: Christina Ricci
Old: Rosie O’Donnell

Least Believable
Character: Jamal in Slumdog Milionaire
Young: Tanay Chheda
Old: Dev Patel

Character: Noah in The Notebook
Young: Ryan Gosling
Old: James Garner