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Secret Handshake exclusive: Finally, a song about Urkel and 'Boy Meets World'!

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SecrethandshakeFans of the Secret Handshake — a.k.a. painfully sincere Dallas-based bedroom-electro artist Luis Dubuc, the man behind a goofy geekboy cover of Skee-Lo’s 1995 radio-rap classic “I Wish” and yearning little laptop ditties like “Summer of ’98” and “Too Young”— can download an exclusive new track from his upcoming My Name Up In Lights, out April 21.

The sound, much like TSH’s previous two releases, mines the imaginary spot where mall-pop futurama, Ben Gibbard side project the Postal Service, and the Warped Tour second stage meet (wherever that territory lies, Dubuc probably carpools there with California vocoder-rock outfit HelloGoodbye).

Listen and tell us what you think of the song — and its mile-high pile of early-’90s TV references (what, no Just the Ten of Us??):