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'Lost': "Some Like It Hoth" pre-recap recap!

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Last night’s Lost was steeped in Star Wars homage, from the title (“Some Like It Hoth”) to the hilarious bit of business of back-in-time Hurley opportunistically taking advantage of his future knowledge to write the screenplay for The Empire Strikes Back. (“Fury fist.” LOL). (Click after the jump for a spoilery taste of Jeff’s coming recap.)

Miles Straume—revealed to be Pierre Chang’s son, as we allsuspected—played multiple roles, including destiny-seeking Luke andcynical hustler Han. We saw Jack try to pull off his equivalent of aJedi mind trick by bullying Roger Linus into leaving Kate alone. (Total‘These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.’) And I got a LandoCalrissian vibe from Sawyer as he scrambled around trying to preservehis Cloud City good thing. My recap is a little slow in coming today—weshould have it up later this morning—but feel free to start talking inthis space. Who are these “What lies in the shadow of the statue?”people? What did you make of Hurley’s reaction to seeing The Swan beingbuilt? (I’ll sum up my assessment in two words: Death Star.) Andfinally: Daniel Faraday’s back! Dressed in ominous Dharma black. Has hegone to the dark side? Go!

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