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Spencer Pratt eyes a career in politics: Scared much?

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Spencerpratthills_lHeidi Montag pursuing a singing career was bad enough. But now there’s news that Heidi’s kinda-sorta-maybe hubby, Spencer Pratt, is interested in “definitely going after mayor of L.A. and at least governor.” Okay, so after reading that quote, I admit that I do feel an urge to stock up on canned goods and run to the closest panic room I can find. But, really, I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself. Let’s face the facts: This is a guy who has taken part in numerous televised fake weddings, so can we take anything he says seriously? And who in the world would vote for the most diabolical and widely hated figure in reality television? (Especially if he continues to sport that creepy flesh-colored beard.)

On the other hand, whether or not Pratt’s ambitions are serious, would it really seem all that crazy to have a Hills alum (gulp!) in political office? After all, we’ve seen celebs like Sonny Bono, Jesse Ventura, and Arnold Schwarzenegger get elected in the past. Actually, as a former Minnesotan, I will say that Ventura wasn’t too crazy a choice the year he was elected, especially when you consider how utterly awesome his TV spots were. And my California-based editor contends that Schwarzenegger doesn’t seem like such a strange choice either, anymore.

Anyway, what do you think, PopWatchers? Would you move to Canada if Pratt were elected? What unexpected celebs could you see doing well in government?

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