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Will Ferrell goes 'Wild' with Bear Grylls: What other movie stars should moonlight on Discovery Channel?

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Landofthelostwild_lThe news today that Land of the Lost star Will Ferrell (pictured, left) would be promoting his June 5 comedy by drinking his own urine (among other survival-y activities) with Bear Grylls (pictured, right) on a June episode of Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild got me thinking, PopWatchers. Well, first, I wondered why Ferrell — a man who’s spent his career turning his own body into a temple of self-deprecating comedy — took so long to ingest his own bodily fluids for a laugh. Then, after that thought had me slipping into a state of total catatonia that I gather lasted a good half-hour, I moved on to wondering what other A-list movie stars would do well to shill for their summer flick with a stint on a Discovery Channel shindig.

Maybe Angels & Demons star Tom Hanks should take a trip over to MythBusters to controversially (and scientifically) explode some age-old fables, like whether, say, a human being could have actually walked on water. Or Eddie Murphy could plug Imagine That by having One Way Out “escapologist” Jonathan Goodwin show him how to break free of his kiddie movie straitjacket. Or Terminator Salvation‘s Christian Bale could ride shotgun with Dirty Jobs‘ Mike Rowe to learn what workplace stress is like when you don’t have to worry about nosy cinematographers adjusting the lights while you’re, say, rendering animal fat.

This is fun! What other suggestions do you have, P-Dubs? You don’t have to limit yourself to Discovery, either — any pay cable infotainment show will do!

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