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Day26: Who's buying the 'Making the Band 4' band's new album?

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Day26_l_2“TODAY IS A BIG DAY!!!”, Diddy informed the Twitterati yesterday afternoon. How so, Diddy? “ITS DAY 26 DAY!!!!!” Meaning…? “THE DAY 26 ALBUM FOREVER AND A DAY IS IN STORES TODAY! And on iTUNES!” Ah. What would you like us to do with this information, Diddy? “Go GET RT. NOW!!!!” Got it. One last question: How hot would you say this album is, on a scale beginning with ice-cold ashes? “FIRE!!!”

In his excitement, Diddy understandably misspelled both the name of his proteges and the title of their album: It’s Day26 (one word), Forever in a Day (not “and”). But no matter. If all of Diddy’s 504,280 Twitter followers followed his instructions yesterday, then Forever in a Day must have already far outpaced the 190,000 copies that Day26’s debut sold in its first week last March. Even if not, though, and all kidding aside, the Making the Band 4 alums seem likely to make a decent dent in the chart when the SoundScan numbers roll in next week. Some people will buy this album just because they love reality-show drama. Others will be looking for more of Day26’s polished pop’n’B tunes — like current single “Imma Put It On Her,” featuring Diddy and Yung Joc, which you can stream below. Still others, perhaps, will be Donnie Klang fans who mistakenly think that other Making the Band 4 contestant is a member of Day26 for some reason. So, are any of you planning on picking up Forever in a Day?  And if so, which camp do you fall in?

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