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Bravo's 'Launch My Line': Is it time to call an end to fashion reality shows?

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Launchmyline_lBoy, does Bravo seem to be feeling the void left by Project Runway. First there was The Fashion Show. Now there’s Launch My Line. As my colleagues reported earlier today, the network is developing a new competition series, originally called Celebrity Sew-Off, in which bona fide fashion designers team up with “pop culture notables” who dream of, yes, launching their very own line of clothing. So how do we feel about this?

Well, first of all, they were right to change the title. Celebrity Sew-Off sounds like a show about famous people crammed in a sweatshop, competing over who can insert an invisible zipper the fastest. Riveting! And since the aspiring Marc Jacobs in question aren’t likely to be the kind with off-the-charts Q scores — stylists, music producers, and choreographers are among those Bravo has mentioned as possible contenders — it’s probably wise to just drop the whole “celebrity” conceit altogether, mmm-kay?

But anyway…the show. It has potential, I think. As we know, the fashion world is full of outsized, bitchy, backstabbing personalities tailor-made (ugh — no pun intended, honest!) for the tube. And the thought of their egomaniacal head-trips going up against the equally staggering self-importance of celebri — sorry, pop culture notables — makes for some seriously juicy drama. Most celebrities have such an inflated sense of themselves that they think there’s no limit to what they can offer the world. And good loooord do some of them have hideous fashion sense. The workroom showdowns could be epic, I tell you! Picture it: Lisa Rinna, say, screams at Anna Sui, “Bitch, I said I wanted fringe on that acid-wash mini-dress, not sequins!!!” (That’s a pure fantasy, by the way. There’s no reason to believe either of those two women will be on the show…at least not yet!)

Buuuut, it’s for similar reasons that I’m not totally on board with Launch My Line. Do we really need another forum for rich people to feed their already swollen egos? Should we be encouraging their delusions of grandeur? For every true renaissance man or woman (think Justin Timberlake), there’s a J. Lo: someone who tries to conquer the world and ends up verging on obsolete. And between Stylista, Running in Heels, and all those makeover shows out there, aren’t we running dangerously close to beating this whole fashion thing into the ground one too many times?

What do you think?