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Papercuts' 'You Can Have What You Want': Stream this indie gem here

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Papercuts_lIf there’s any justice in the world, You Can Have What You Want will make Jason Robert Quever an indie-rock star of at least a moderate order. The San Francisco singer-songwriter’s third album under the name Papercuts is his strongest effort yet, enveloping Quever’s yearning vocals and folk-rock chord progressions in rich layers of shoegaze-flavored fuzz. Surely it can’t be much longer until a wider audience starts discovering the talent that led Devendra Banhart and Andy Cabic to sign Quever to their Gnomonsong label, and Music Mix-approved bands like Grizzly Bear and Beach House to tour with him. Can it?

You Can Have What You Want goes on sale tomorrow. In the meantime, you can stream its gorgeous title track right here at the Music Mix. Check out “You Can Have What You Want” below and let us know what you think of Papercuts’ music, whether it’s a new discovery or an old favorite for you. 

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