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Facebook quizzes: The good, the bad, and the one that told me I'm Xander

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Facebook quizzes. I don’t usually take them, which made me happy when a colleague of mine issued a warning recently in her status update: “If you take more than three quizzes in a single day, you WILL be hidden from the news feed. For good.” It’s not that I’m anti-quizzes (or fun), it’s that I’m opposed to clicking on things when I have no idea if they’ll be worth my time. So, let’s do each other a favor and list our Facebook quiz hits and misses.

The only one I’ve taken recently is “Which Joss Whedon character are you?”, which I thought was lame until I came to terms with the fact that I am actually Xander Harris (Nicholas Brendon, pictured). To paraphrase the results: I have a big heart. I’ll love my friends no matter what. I tend to be attracted to strange people, but they aren’t all bad. I’m not quite sure what I want to do when I grow up, but that’s okay….Of my fellow Buffy-fan friends who I know have taken the quiz, I’ve got a Buffy, a Willow, and a Giles — which I find oddly comforting. Like somehow, our Scooby Gang can get through anything, too.

Your turn. Which quizzes were worth your time and which ones weren’t? (And if you took the Joss Whedon character quiz, who are you?)

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